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Life at Gagne

Not Your Average Bean Counter

There is always a solution

We're more than employees here at Gagné Associates, we're family! Each family member's impact is significant to the Gagné legacy.


We interact with each other with integrity, honesty, and transparency, and are selfless and considerate of others in all that we do. We are motivated by love, and seek the highest good for each other, our clients, and ourselves.


We are collaborative and resourceful, leveraging relationships, technology, and knowledge capital to efficiently and effectively deliver value to those we serve.


As a company, we're intentional about each member's success and holistic well-being, incorporating various training and enrichment activities in our internal engagement programme.


We encourage a culture of generosity and celebration. Our Employees' birthdays are personal holidays and the firm’s founder’s birthday is a holiday for everyone. We celebrate our staff by giving unexpected bonuses and gifts, providing technical training, and supporting their professional and personal development.


Our employees are compensated fairly and commensurate with their experience, performance, and demonstrated loyalty to our firm’s vision, mission, and values. They are offered a suite of benefits including health, PTO, profit sharing, retirement plan, and flexible work hours/schedule.

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