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Not Your Average Bean Counter

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Gagné means WON. It's Done!

We believe the objective for every business is to win. We know that winning in business is not just about growing revenue and increasing the bottom line. Businesses win by becoming sustainably profitable and producing wealth for many generations. The Gagné Way equips business owners with the “way” (mindset) and the “why” (motivation) needed to win. Gagné Associates is primarily valued as a trusted advisor and money team mavens, providing strategic planning and leveraging relationships and resources for growth. “We are not your average bean counter”.

Thought Leaders and Change Makers. Educators and Mentors. Financial Pain Alleviators. Relationship Leveragers. Financial Therapists. Servants. Our holistic approach considers both owner and entity creating a harmonious strategy that leads to maximum impact on your bottom line and the cultures and societies where these businesses and owners and their customers exist. We do this work successfully by focusing on our values.



We believe in the power of people coming together in a unified effort that produces leverage, allowing accelerated and amplified positive outcomes for all parties involved.


We seek to exploit everything we’ve been entrusted to manage; our time, talents, and tools for maximum potential and value for our mutual and collective benefit. 


We believe that the laws of the land are boundaries that protect us from what we cannot see that can harm our business. We honor the laws of the land in our work and business, positioning us for prosperous and abundant living and the experience of joy, peace, and clarity in our work. 

Living Legacy

We believe that the work we do is “beyond us” so we work with future generations of businesses, CPAs, and the world of commerce in mind. We leverage the years of wisdom and experience of one generation with the innovation and experience of another generation for maximum impact and effective service to meet the needs of business entities and the people that own them. 


Gagné Associates exists to help businesses and organizations win, by laying a strategic foundation for them to Grow, ensuring the owners and leaders are Equipped, and establishing solid systems for them to Thrive.

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