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Who We Serve

Not Your Average Bean Counter

There is always a solution

People over Entities

We intentionally prioritize the types of people we serve rather than entities with a focus on those existing in cultures and communities in need of impact. We focus on serving minority owners and founders, in particular, Black females. 

The primary focus of every business is people. When it comes down to it a successful business enterprise with sustainable growth and profitability is making an impact on the culture and society through the customers they serve. Gagné Associates is strategic in serving entities founded by minorities in particular black females.


Life's better when trusted advisors understand your needs

Whether they have established businesses or are just building, our clients:

Are clear about Who They Are

Our clients have recognized that they have a purpose on this earth, and are seeking to fulfill it through their business.

Understand and appreciate Generational Legacy

Our clients desire to build profitable businesses that can be sold or left as a valuable inheritance to a future generation.

Are Open & Honest

Our clients are those ready to admit that they need help and are willing to allow us to help them with their finances.

Are Driven & Dedicated

Our clients are fully committed to the process of progressively scaling their business, and are dedicated to the lifelong learning required to achieve success.

Value collaboration

Our clients recognize us as long term partners/stakeholders in the success of their organization. They trust us with their vision, and value our contributions of professional service, relationships, and expert guidance.

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