Discover Your Financial Potential with FIA

Discover Your Financial Potential with FIA that provides an analysis of your financial infrastructure, empowering informed decisions and goal-setting based on your assessment results.


Uncover the Power of Your Numbers

We'll help you demystify your financial data through FIA, enabling you to extract valuable insights and make informed decisions with confidence. Knowing how to interpret and leverage your numbers effectively is key to achieving sustainable growth.

Take Ownership of Your Financial Story

Gain the tools and empowerment needed to author your financial narrative with the Financial Infrastructure Assessment (FIA). Proactively make informed decisions and take strategic steps to propel your business forward.

Leverage Our Expertise

Decades of experience, a wealth of insights and the backing of strategic partnerships. Providing you with actionable solutions to address your specific concern. We'll explore growth opportunities, identify potential risks, and help you succeed.

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FIA Process & Deliverables

After submitting the Financial Infrastructure Assessment (FIA), expect to receive your summary report within 24 hours. This time-frame ensures accurate and quality insights. The 19-page report includes 13 major sections. View the visual of your summary report below to get a glimpse of its presentation.

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Our Journey: Empowering Your Financial Success

At Gagné Associates, our journey is rooted in collaborative effort and collective expertise. With Bridgett Gagné CPA, MBA at the helm, our team embodies a wealth of experience in financial management and advisory services. It's this collective wisdom and passion for empowering entrepreneurs that inspired us to create the Financial Infrastructure Assessment (FIA). We believe in leveraging our diverse skills and insights to guide you towards financial clarity and success. With us, you're not just a client; you're a valued partner on this transformative journey.

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