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The NYABC Story

As you may know, “bean counter” is the official nickname of those who work in the accounting profession. For us here at Gagné Associates CPAs, there’s more to the story.

We once had a client who was deathly afraid of numbers and accounting. After two years of Bridgett finally getting her on board and working with her, she realized the power of accounting done right. The client had such a great experience with the Gagné Associates team that she said, “You are “not your average bean counter”. The name stuck, became a calling card, and the Not Your Average Bean Counter™ vision was born.

Our Purpose

We are committed to training and mentoring nationally recognized bookkeepers. Each Not Your Average Bean Counter™, is equipped with the knowledge, skill, and mindset to be successful.

Every Not Your Average Bean Counter is resolute in their discipline of finding solutions that help people and businesses thrive financially. We are guided by the principles of community, collaboration, and legacy building.

Our Signature

Our years of experience working with entrepreneurs and small businesses have allowed us to become intimately familiar with their needs. Our experience-based insights are a core component of our trainings as we prepare every Not Your Average Bean Counter to provide valuable solutions for the clients they serve.

We partner with college level instructors who have a passion for educating and developing others, and our curriculum is designed by a tenured Howard University Professor; this ensures that our course materials provide the learning outcomes necessary for smooth transition to professional placements. Beyond the program, we provide continued support, coaching, and guidance to our alumni in a private community.

Bookkeeper Training

Our signature training program is delivered virtually and features the following components:

Live Instruction

Cumulative and Comprehensive Training

Accounting and Bookkeeping Essentials

Quickbooks Pro Advisor Certification

Weekly Office Hours for Support

Expert analysis and insight for common Bookkeeping problems

Real-world application to boost professional confidence

Join our waitlist to receive updates on intake for our next cohort.


Bookkeeper Training

Join our waitlist to receive updates on intake for our next cohort.

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