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Who we are

Gagné Associates CPAs PLLC is a CPA firm offering accounting, financial management, and consulting services to organizations across the Nation. We provide an approach to financial management that gives client relief knowing that we will alleviate the uncertainty around managing their accounting. We address the needs of the business owner or executive director to have high quality, timely accurate financial statements, and data for compliance and decision making.

Client Testimonials

What our clients say:

Why Gagné Associates

You need to get a financial statement audit

but you barely have enough staff to manage the day to day accounting.

You are required to have an annual audit

but the thought of it causes anxiety and creates tension each year for you and your staff

You wonder if certain clients or lines of business are profitable

But you can’t quantify the profitability of the relationships or the businesses.

Let Gagné Associates help you get back to YOUR business.