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Goal setting

Does the idea of making a list of financial goals cause you to freeze like a deer in the headlights? Maybe you’re afraid there will be more details than you have information about. Or that the process of aligning your finances with your future will be too time-consuming. It doesn’t have to be that way. For most of us, the process can be boiled down to just nine basic questions:

  1. Where does my money go on a daily, weekly and monthly basis?
  2. What’s my spending plan?
  3. How can I ensure my daily spending habits don’t undermine my goals?
  4. How can I shop and spend smarter to “find” money without making more?
  5. What’s my current debt ratio and how can I reduce it?
  6. Do I pay myself first to save money and start a strong retirement income planning program?
  7. How do I track my goals and celebrate financial milestones?
  8. Where can/should I invest money to reach my financial goals?

Whatever your feelings about setting financial goals, the important thing is to take a little time to make sure you and your money are on the right track. Start by jotting down the answers to the questions above. 

And if you’re still feeling a little “deer-in-the-headlights,” contact our firm and let us know how we can help you meet your financial goals. 

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